Sigma's next camera will be ???

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Re: Sigma's next camera will of course

I hate to have to do this, but I guess I have to:

Roland Karlsson wrote:

richard stone wrote:

Personally, I think the SD1 was a camera they had to make, but they screwed up on the details and the price. The issue is not just "resolution" as a figure, but the image as a whole. The SD1 works on that basis, although still the price is high.

I am not sure about that. Might be so. But why the strange press release and the talk about MF then? So ... no ... I still think there was a (probably late) decision to compete on the MF market. There you can have higher prices and sell fewer cameras and still be in business. MF systems also have fewer lenses, which would fit better with Sigma lenses.

Now, of course. Thats probably a faulty decision. People buying MF are not interested in an APS-C DSLR. And the Sigma lenses are not good enough.

You miss my point. The SD1 was meant to show the best that Sigma could do for a "pro" system camera, and it works, in terms of what is coming from the sensor. The images from Olga and a few others give an idea of what the sensor is capable of, but after that initial step the rest of the system lets it down.

Sigma lenses are fine, but how many lenses on the planet are good enough for that sensor? The burden placed on MF lenses is not as great. Similarly, no one expects an MF system to have the number of good lenses as provided for a APS or 35mm size system.

Maybe Sigma thought the SD1 would be good enough to have people use it instead of MF? As you say, people who want MF are not going to use an APS -C sensor, but what about people moving up who do not ever intend to buy a Digital MF camera?

No need to get too discouraged about Sigma, because I don't see them going out of business anytime soon, and they seem to want to be in the camera business.

Yeah ... but its unsure in what part of the camera market they want to be. A real MF camera with a Foveon sensor would be dynamite (as you say ). An APS-C camera that pretends to be MF is doubtful. An 10 MP or 15 MP DSLR with reasonable price? Hmmmm ... maybe ... maybe not. The future is very unclear. Would be nice if Sigma gave some signs on what we are waiting for this time.

Asking for what we might consider a sensible and well thought-out plan from Sigma seems like asking for too much, although they did well with the DP cameras, as a way to show what the company and the sensor could do. Although we might question the wisdom of what Sigma is doing with the SD1, they manage to stay in business, despite not following all the well-intended advice from so many helpful people.

My proposal for an 8-10 MP sensor is for the same APS size sensor, and I do not see any reason for Sigma to try to plant its flag in MF territory.

So the next one: how about an 8-10 (x3) MP, which should be dynamite with the better lenses, and a somewhat improved SPP, with complete user controls for NR and no pixel smearing to provide per pixel sharpness, when desired.

I doubt that making an 8-10 MP sensor is wise. It costs lots of money to develop sensor and they already have one 15 MP sensor to use. It feels wrong to spend lots of money to make a lesser sensor when they dont sell the better one.

As for costing a lot of money to develop a sensor: EVERYTHING costs money, including failure. Sigma has to have some progression up from the SD15, and that means something more than 6MP.

Now, of course, you have a point. If the Sigma/Foveon cameras are attractive to people the want certain pixel behaviour, then lesser pixels might be a good idea. But ... I dont think that will result in better pictures, just better pixels.

I don't think you understand what you are seeing with the SD1. Fewer, larger pixels would almost certainly result in cheaper production costs and a cleaner image, considering the big issue with the Foveon system is pixel size and light gathering.

SPP needs to have a "do everything for the user" mode, and a "make the user decide everything" mode.

SPP needs to be remade. I think Sigma should pay SilkyPix to make it.

SPP works just fine, for what it was designed to do. Sigma went astray when it went to excessive and uncontrolled NR (apparently) and other "make it smoother" factors in SPP 5. There is a seeming attempt to get the results in low light to match up with the Bayer sensor cameras at high ISO. Well, that's fine, but it needs to be something people can turn off at low ISO.

With my older version of SPP I tend to use auto and then go slightly more in the directions indicated.


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Until I see you shooting with an SD camera I will not believe you understand why people like the Foveon sensor, just as I wonder about people who want "features" that are not present on the Sigma cameras. How about the next Sigma with a smile recognition feature?

(Sleeping - so the need to support it is even higher)

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