Hallelujah . . . with IBIS!!!

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Hallelujah . . . with IBIS!!!

Yesterday afternoon I idly shot a sequence in my office with several lenses, proving beyond question (in my mind) that when in doubt on the effectiveness of IBIS -- use a slower shutter speed and make your stance less steady !

(Thanks to Guy Parsons in particular and for a number of other posters here for pointing me at this solution!)

This morning I idly messed around with some settings learning the E-PL3, and guess what -- I idly deleted the whole sequence!

Didn't have time to reshoot as I had to rush off to see and hear my daughter's choir doing their premier Christmas performance -- Handel's Messiah . (Monash University Choral Society, MONUCS, with the Melbourne Opera orchestra, four featured soloists, and Priscilla Taylor on harpsichord, for those interested in what they've just missed!).

I sneaked in the E-PL3. A few images demonstrate the power of IBIS with two caveats -- the shutter speeds were seriously slow for the focal lengths of two of them, and the pix were taken with the camera held out in front of my face so I could see the LCD (which brought about my undoing; I thought I had turned the brightness down, but I hadn't, so I was caught in the act and had to stop! Why didn't I take the VF-3 which would have been much less intrusive? Don't ask. What an idiot!).

Camera was set to P (auto shutter and aperture), IBIS was on 1. Metering was spot after my first shot had shown that center weighted wasn't working (look at all those black outfits and the general darkness of the background).

138mm with the 40-150mm. 1/15 -- sharp as, see the 100% crop! One of several very usable images. Several others were sharp enough but had unattractive subject movement due to lusty singing!

150mm and we're down to 1/8th. Is this beyond the capabilities of IBIS? I only got off the single shot (I moved to 3-shot high speed burst for the men) and it barely makes it. Not well composed, but interesting.

Look at the edges of the folders and look at the woman on the far left in the full frame image. I was pretty much convinced the movement we can see in the two women I've lifted to 100% in first crop is subject movement -- or nearly all of it is. So I did a second 100% crop. Look at the little bit of tooth we can see in the woman on the left -- single image. Look at the dark haired woman's glasses frames -- mainly horizontal movement. Look at the gray haired woman's glasses frames -- mostly vertical movement.

Great results for IBIS again. 1/8th at 300mm (equiv)? Ridiculous. Unheard off outside of about six 50 kg tripos but this result tells us you can be in with a chance of a usable pic at 1/8 and 150mm -- always provided you can produce a decent composition!

This is a bit kinder -- a 10th the focal length and with the aperture of f2.5 available, 1/30th second. 'Nuf said. (I took this pic at the end of the concert, after I had been sprung and told to put the camera away, by holding the program over the LCD to prevent it shining around -- hey, what's wrong with shining, it is Christmas, isn't it? -- and sighted through the OVF which I did have on hand.)

I hope you find these pix much more interesting than and just as convincing as the boring series of the office radio which I idly took and idly deleted! They should certainly give IBIS knockers (among whom I was getting close to being counted -- I was definitely among the IBIS disappointed!) something to think about.

By the way -- to take the pix, I switched off the focus light, and I ultimately set exposure reading on spot (as I've already mentioned) and in the case of the hairy bloke (known in the choir as "Wiz", I wonder why?) took the reading with his nose right in the middle of the screen.

The shutter sound was quiet enough for pix when the choir was singing, even fairly low, but I wouldn't have tried it with one of the soloists singing solo. NO shutter speed is too quiet for that.

One thing -- I thought there was a way to turn down the screen brightness -- it was startlingly bright in the semi-darkened auditorium. I haven't been able to find it yet. Can anyone help?

Cheers, geoff
Geoffrey Heard

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