X100 working like a charm now - new lens unit - comments

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Re: Fuji Au - poor service

Jay A - Go easy on him dude. Of course he is upset, just on Xmas and no camera.

What he is trying to say is that service at Fuji is a bit hit and miss. If you go back and check all my earlier threads you will read where I was very upset with Fuji's attitude and lack of concern over my SAB problem. This was back in about September, when they even denied there was a world wide issue. I then had to travel for my holiday to Vietnam with a defective lens (shot everything in f2).

However, when I returned in October and sent it off for repair - they did it in about the first two days of receiving it - wonderful stuff. They even had a fantastic attitude on the phone.

Yes it is the busy time of the year, but I really think who you get at Fuji Australia, makes a big difference. I got crap service/attitude my first try, marvelous service/attitude 2nd time round. A bit of a 'pig in a poke' if you ask me.


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