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Need Some Enlightenment

I own a the Nex5N . I have "graduated" from a Panny LX-3. Everybody is bonkers over the the Nex5N.

Why this post? Well-I find the supplied 18-55 lens kit lens no better (if anything-worse) than any picture I ever took with the Panasonic. The Sony glass-to my eye-is simply not better in any respect to the Panny. I guess I should say at everything but high ISO.

I think one reason is that I find the actual results produced at 18mm end of the lens are useless. The results look like a picture taken out of the reverse end of a binocular lens. Why would any one want to take a picture that gives you a wider field of view but makes everything half their actual size?

The idea behind a DLSR is that you can find a lens exactly suitable for the purpose you want to use it for. Well-unless you make your living taking pictures-it seems absurd to me that people are going to lug around 3-4 lens for casual picture taking.

I know I'm going to be slammed for making some outrageous assertions here but the the fact is-that 18-55mm kit lens is very limited in its range of useful focal length. It is mediocre glass. How can I say that? Easy. The LX3 takes better pictures at closer range both in terms of the sharpness and what kind of pictures (portrait, "street pictures" etc) you can take with the 18-55 or 55-210 lens.

So why-I'm asking myself-did I buy this advanced camera for which the lens does not even come close to matching the capabilities of the camera. I offer as proof of this assertion that a lens with 50 years older of technology takes better pictures than the lens out of the box than the lens supplied with the camera.

So I bought the 55-210 lens and while no seems to want to say it-I'll say it. This lens capabilities are a whole lot better than the 18-55. It's OK but not much better because Sony lens are just not that great.

So why did I buy this camera if I feel it's photographic results( because of the lower priced Sony camera lens(not the $800 18-200) are inferior. I am still trying to figure out why I did but here's my point.

This camera WILL take good pictures but NOT with the lower priced Sony lens. I must be stupid because I bought one but I do not see to many people saying what I 'm saying. That until someone makes a good sharp lens for this advanced camera, and if you are a picture taker like myself-very casual-this is probably not a good or wise purchase.

I would be so bold as to say-that there are many cameras the Panasonic LX3 or 5, the Canon G12 and some others take much better pictures out of the box than the Sony Nex unless you put a really good lens on it.

I bought the 5n but so I have nobody to blame but myself. Put in plain English-the Sony NX5 is wonderful camera sold with a crappy lens-that takes really nice pictures when you put a good lens on it which negates many of the camera features. Am I wrong?

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