"Depth of field is insufficient"

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Re: Maybe we need 24 MP after all, and 36 MP is not enough

TOF guy wrote:

The stated resolving power of "most films" (120lp/mm at least) roughly matches what the D3X can do, about 3000 lines accross the height (in landscape orientation, i.e. the smallest dimension of the film).

Published resolving power of the film presumes perfectly flat film and excellent development; those issues being pretty much irrelevant to digital. In real life I see 30% to 70% of film resolving power being achieved.

we did see the value with film of finer grain and did shoot with 25 ASA film.

Yes, if we are being very careful.

And yes DOF with a 25 ASA film was quite not the same as 100.

Focusing error and camera shake being resolved

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