Head of R&D says Pentax is working on mirror-less FF 35mm and 645D?!

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My quick and dirty translation

OK, here is my quick and dirty translation.

In 12/19 issue of Digital Camera Magazine there will be interviews with 8 camera makers. Among them boldest statements are from Mr. Kitazawa, head of the Pentax R&D.

It is better to read the article fully, but he talks about trying a 35mm full frame mirror-less camera, even considering a 645 mid frame mirror-less camera.

Traditionally Pentax has been very open to multiple formats and lens mounts and more flexible in this regard than the other camera makers. Pre digital they had 6x7, 645, full size 35 mm and APS film SLR. By addition of Q format currently they are supporting a wide range from Q to APS C and 645 SLR. From here trying to add 35mm full frame and 645 mirro-less formats are much welcome and mind boggling news.

Being free from control of Hoya has been good for the company. Under Ricoh the company has revitalized itself greatly.

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