aperature priority beef

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Re: aperature priority beef

TiagoReil wrote:

But if you are doing that, you cant complain that the decisions taken by the camera for you are not optimal. They will never be, they will always be generic ones that wont fit all situations.

Actually we can complain. There is a programming issue with the camera where it adjusts ISO before other settings causing ISO to be much higher than normal. That IS something to complain about.

The point of this camera, and all others like it, is to offer some point and shoot capabilities and some DSLR capabilities in a C sized sensor with inter-changeable lenses.

When on auto or A-Priority, the camera calculates ISO first before deciding on shutter. This happens with the flash and without so under Point and Shoot type moments, the camera takes fairly grainy photos.

I have taken shots indoors with a flash in a reasonably well lit room (No, I didn't drag out my light meter). The NEX 5N set the ISO to 3200. That is ludicrous regardless of your standing as amateur or professional.

The OP has a point and, if you check this forum, you will find others complaining about the same issue.

For me, I set my ISO to 800 for indoor, 100 for sunny days and 400 for not so sunny days and, when I'm doing snapshots, let the camera make the rest of the decisions.

Sometimes, TiagoReil, THAT IS what we want to do and the fact that the camera does it incorrectly is a problem.

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