FZ150 is better than FZ28!

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Re: FZ150 is better than FZ28!

Me? Or DutchMate? With the FZ28 I have mostly used S, going with the fastest that the light would allow although if light levels are low I'll go to A, open it up max and rely on OIS. (I think I'm going to like that night portrait hand-held setting on the 150). With the 150 I'm getting more comfortable with the idea of using P (which is when I really wish they'd left the joystick alone instead of that push wheel); although obviously for moving subjects S comes into play. I'm waiting for some clear skies to take a look at the moon with the 150 and thinking I'll go with A on that (probably have to wait until the next 1/4 moon now...it'll probably be about -20F by then...great for reducing atmospherics but not so great for fingers!). I have been using S on moon photos with the 28 and I'm not happy with my results. I do admire what johnno02 and LTZ470 have managed there.

Histogram and "blinkies" turned ON these days. Haven't gotten very far into the in-camera sharpening, noise, etc. yet but getting feet wet with ev compensation to reduce/eliminate blowouts.

I've been reading a lot of the "tips and tricks and settings" that others use and have posted but honestly, there are so many variables (including shooting conditions, skill at pp, and personal expectations of the final product) that I'm thinking that a person really has to just keep experimenting with the settings for themselves to get a true feel for what works and what doesn't for them .
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