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Re: D3s - An Exposure Query

tissunique wrote:

Has anyone experienced major blown-out exposure under artificial (concert) lighting, especially via the blue channel? Using spot metering, shutter speed priority, central focus point, single shot, 3200 iso? Is it me who is at fault (not experienced this before with D3 and D700 - certainly not to this degree)?

No. Just a couple nights ago I shot our Christmas program using a similar method you describe above, with the D3s and everything worked perfectly. My only modification was I shot manually. In most cases the viewfinder's scale read +1EV to +2EV as I'd spot meter on a stage-lit face or light clothing. I'd adjust to keep it in about +1EV. +1.3EV and the images were perfect. I might suggest Manual exposure next time as it eliminates the guess work of the excellent but fallible meter.

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