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Re: A few conclusions

" .. Canon tried to put thyristor tech back in the 580II which is not accurate. By what I have read they messed up the calibration because I have yet to read about anyone using it. .. "

That's not my experience. The 580ExII's 'E' (Autothyristor) setting is only miss-calibrated. It's still reliable reproducible and useful. You just have to determine what the error is - once . It may vary from unit to unit, but for a given speedlite the error is unchanging. Both my 580ExIIs were fairly 'early' and happen to have the same 2 stop (!) under-exposure error. As long as you dial in iso 25 on the speedlite with 100 on the cam (or pro-rata, of course) the exposures are great. (It doesn't allow for Canon Wireless because 'E' is real-time & Canon Wireless is pre-flash based). Give it another try!

I don't think the 5D2 represents Canon's best incarnation of ETTL II.
Cheers, Donald

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