X100 working like a charm now - new lens unit - comments

Started Nov 25, 2011 | Discussions thread
Jay A Senior Member • Posts: 2,295
Re: Fuji Au - poor service

With all due respect, what do you think they were doing during the 2 weeks that your camera has sat on the shelf? Do you think the technicians just sit there watching TV with their feet up on desks? Or do you think that just maybe, especially considering the time of year, they are just to busy too get to your camera immediately? For what it's worth, I doubt any repair facility, Fuji or otherwise has in their best interest, to just let a customer's camera sit unaccounted for unless there is a valid reason.

While I understand your frustration in not getting your camera back in a speedy manner, I think that deameaning them for their poor service is kind've uncalled for.

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