"Depth of field is insufficient"

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Re: "Depth of field is insufficient"

I can't imagine anyone returning a lens for lack of DoF but in 1997, here's Zeiss claiming it's happening.

Interesting. Have not seen folks hinting Zeiss might be lying for a long time.

The article places blame on outmoded DoF scales. I have heard this many times over the years and maybe the idea originally came from this article. Not sure why this seems to be news or even a point for discussion of modern equipment other than to warn folks to not rely on the scales.

Expected reaction, and coupled with your words of Zeiss above makes it even more funny. No, you are wrong, and you may be past the point where education is possible.

I suppose it is my perception that folks shooting film would not necessarily want to shoot dozens of shots of one scene.

Yes, it is your perception, and it is wrong.

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