"Depth of field is insufficient"

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Re: "Depth of field is insufficient"

I have always been amazed at how thin the plane of excellent sharpness turns out to be with the D3X. As you move around the image, you can discover excellent sharpness at the plane of focus and an increasing degree of blur in front / behind it, even at f/11. You get the feeling there is no such thing as "depth of field". This has always been the case as your article from the film times shows, but 90% of all people have never discovered it (see below). With 36MP, it will get even more obvious if you use a tripod and good technique.

I also like this extract from the pdf:

"This [the definition of depth of field] is still absolutely okay as far as the large majority of photo amateurs is concerned, that take their photos without tripods and have them printed no larger than 4 x 6. Be aware that these amateurs represent 90% of all picture takers, ..."


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