D7000 or D300s ?

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Re: D7000 or D300s ?

eNo wrote:

red sled wrote:

Any good reasons to consider a 300s over a 7000 ? I'm an enthusiast and have all DX lenses .

Share with us what type of photography you do. It comes down to that. I own both the D300 and D7000 (D300s is just D300 + video, IMO), and for still photography, I find the D7000 can do most of what I need. Why do I have a D300? When I have need for a rugged body, and/or when I'm shooting action and need a pro level AF system, the D300 gets the job. For landscapes and portraits, I see no reason the D7000 can't do the job. I even shot a wedding with it, alongside the D700, and it did terrifically well. The D300 stayed in the bag the entire time.

So for action shots you choose the 300 over the 7000. I do at least 50% action shots (wildlife). This might also increase the success rate when photographing the grandchildren.

Thank you all for sharing your knowledge and experience.

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