DXOMark compares the 55-250 II vs I

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try these on for size:

photoPhlow wrote:


According to the DxO tests, the resolution of the 70-200 f/2.8L IS II is crap compared to the f/4 . I have not seen that result anywhere else. I just bought my 70-200, and I like it, though I haven't done critical resolution tests yet.

Is DxO Mark trustworthy?

they have so many weird lens results i'm not sure i trust their lens data whatsoever try:

at 200mm 2.8:
70-200 2.8 IS > 70-200 2.8 non-IS > 70-200 2.8 IS MkII ??!?

at 300mm f/5.6:
70-300 IS non-L > 70-300 IS L > 300 f/4 IS L ??!??

the 16-35mm L is much sharper at the corners at f/2.8 than at f/5.6 ?!!??

and so on

their canon sensor data generally seems to be pretty solid though (not the overall ratings, the plots)

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