Sigma's next camera will be ???

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Re: Sigma's next camera will of course

montera2 wrote:

"Anyone have any clues as to what the next model of camera will be that Sigma will introduce?"

It will be either a Nikon or a Sony, we have to wait about 8 to 10 months to se which one.

It is clear that there will be no Sigma cameras made anymore but some Sigma lenses are to be used as kit lenses and others will be rebranded to who ever manufacturer needs one...

But anyway it is to be 2012 and the Mayas predicted - End of World - 2012 Doomsday, so we don't need a new camera from Sigma.

Have a nice week end, as long as there are any left, couldn't find a smiley, so I have to write of the lack of it.

Seriously.. the next Sigma .. may not even be on Sigmas radar. And imo this is a good thing. I hope they are dealing with the QC issues. And chiseling down the SD1 price. Oh and a staff restructuring, ha. I think the DP series(and why are there four DP cameras offered by Sigma?) the SD15, and SD1(disaster ;)...).. are even a bit too much for Sigma to handle..something has to give..
and those probably being the DP1s, DP2s and the SD15.. (guesses)

Once Sigma figures things out.. I guess Sigma will improve the DP line(firmware updates etc.).. DSLR line will continue from the SD1 and beyond :). Guesses for now, but not hearing, reading a drop from Sigma that is all I can do.. Imo I do not think Sigma will place a dslr in between the SD15 and the SD1..

but.. we will not know anything for sure until Sigma actually does SOMETHING hehe.


Oh wait all this silence from Sigma could mean they are working on the tethered shooting and live view options for the SD1, ha both can be added through a
firmware update.. yeah right lol.

phew.. sorry for the useless rant but I needed to type something ;).

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