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Re: It is a Globuscope 4x5

centralcoastmagazine wrote:


I can't really find much info on the 4x5 although they are know for
the pano hand held camera like a RoundShot. Camera West, a local
expert on unusual cameras, says there are very few of the 4x5 models
and then had not seen one in over ten years. I would be interested in
more info, but likely that there were not many made. It is stainless
steel body with a 65mm lens. The focus is made by sliding the lens
and shutter in and out. I'm thinking of seeing if S.K. Grimes will put
a helical ring on it for me which would make things a lot easier.

This is an old post, but worth bringing to life as of the 150 4x5 Globuscope cameras made, 40 were recently discovered in the warehouse about to be sold that Globus was vacating a few weeks ago. These were sold by Adamphotoman in Largeformatphotographyforum.

I bought two of these. One with a 65mm JML lens. The other waits for a lens. I'm sending it to SK Grimes for him to evaluate so we can tell other folk what it might cost for adding a helical focussing cone.

There's just one more globuscope available with a JML lens and this is at $900. The last eBay price, I believe was ~ $1500.

I'm not selling anything, nor do I have a connection with the seller. Read more, here,

I must say this is the lightest 4x5 camera I have ever held in my hand. It's featherweight!


Some of these cameras may appear in the new year at a higher price when some of the 40 that were quickly bought up get fitted with lenses. However, the one with the 65mm JML lens is available right now and no doubt will be some $300-$600 more expensive. I hope who ever buys it is a photographer and not just a collector!

To make it a little easier to use, there is a whole set of Reallyrightstuff
rails around it for field use and flash bracket. This is about as simple as
a camera can get. I think that the Globus Brothers must have designed these
as then did the pano camera for use at concerts and the light shows they
produced? There would be no need for a camera with movements, but rather
one that could capture the light shows and events and be somewhat hand held
or light to more around with tripod. It is a nice landscape camera in any case
and the negs are stunning.

I have gone over about every link I can find on the web, but there is little
info on the 4x5, anyone that knows the production run or anything about the
4x5 (not the pano) could help with the history and fill me in on the details.

Needless to say, it is a joy to use a truly historic camera like this besides its
simple design and utility in use.

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