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Re: Hmmmm, market failure?

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Yes - there probably are. Most at Sigma and some outside. But ... those that do know will not tell you. And in the light of the almost total marketing failure SD1

The SD-1 has not been a marketing failure at all.

Interesting notion! Lets here more.

It may have been a pricing failure, although even that we cannot say for sure as we do not know sales targets or in fact sales.

Of course we cant know if millions of people have bought the SD1 and then keep them as souvenirs in their strong vault. But, lets assume that SD1 has not sold all that many. Right?

So - pricing failure? Thats something you can admit at least. Interesting.

But marketing failure? I don't see it. Marketing works with the product and price you have, and they have done what they can.

Now ... woa ... you lost me there. So - if I try to sell apples for one billion dollars each and cannot sell even one, then thats not a marketing failure?

Ahhh ... I see ... you are nitpicking words! I should have said market failure! Right?

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