S100 Brick Wall Test Photo

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Re: I did it the other way around ;-)

antoineb wrote:

I think you're right: most people have by now realised that NO ONE needed a DSLR. Most amateur photographers and enthusiasts are better servec by an iPhone.

That's a pretty big statement that's just not right. There's a reason they sell dslr's (or large sensored mirrorless same thing) at target and walmart - for pics of your active kids in indoor lighting, you still need a bigger sensored camera (preferably with a prime lens) to do that. Using flash with a compact will also let you do that. An iPhone can't do that.

And the very enthusiastic or pro photographers are slowly finding out that mirrorless cameras give them a better photographic experience, with maybe only faast continous shooting still done a bit better by DSLRs.

That sounds like m43rds marketing hype. "better photographic experience" - what on earth does that actually mean? Mirrorless definitely doesn't give them better pictures (could be the same, but not better), and it's definitely not cheaper.

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