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Re: astronomy lens/telescope

You can start with the lens you have. Jupiter is one of the easiest planets to photograph. More magnification would be nice. Here is a shot with a T3i, Tamron 70-300 VC, and Kenko 2.0x TC. This image was from several stacked and is at 200% size. The second is the same image resized to what you would get with the 1.4x TC at full size. The third is a full size showing the moons with the 2.0x TC. You should be able to do better with the 300-2.8.

When shooting to capture the planet's moons, a quick shutter speed is needed to prevent trails. To get the best sharpness, I use f/18 with the 2.0x or f/13 with the 1.4x and need to keep the shutter open longer. You shouldn't have to stop down nearly as much. The best way I've found so far is to set the aperture, focus, and then vary the shutter speed to adjust the exposure. I try to keep the maximum ISO no higher than 400.

Thanks for your helpful reply, I am probably going to try with the current equipment to see what I get. Photonius's leads took me to a site where I might get astronomy kit for a reasonable price too.

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