Canon 9000 and 9000 II printing speeds

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Re: Canon 9000 and 9000 II printing speeds

As to speeds, if you look at the top under Printers, you can do a Printer Compare on this site to get an idea as to where yours should be.

Under Printer, there is a "Photo Print Speed" listing.

As an example, I entered the A3+ printers: Epson R3000, Canon Pro 9500 Mark II, Canon Proo 9000 Mark II and the older Canon Pro 9000. Speeds were (for an 8x10" print) 1 min 36 sec., 4 min 5 sec., 47 seconds, and 50 seconds for the Pro 8000 respectively. The fastest was the 9000 Mark II at 47 seconds. Slowest was the Canon 9500 (and only 3 seconds faster than the larger format Epson 3880 too).

I know the 9000 II is fast as I once had a pile of slow-drying paper (forget the brand) stick together in a big mess. I had to use Qimage Ultimate and set the print buffer slower to 8 minutes between prints so they dried a bit and wouldn't stick to each other in the tray.


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