Joining the Nikon world. Help Needed.

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Re: So What is it Going to be?

hi streamerfly , well reading some of the post and changing to over to nikon

i think you should you should go for a nikon d80 body or a d90 body , lenses you could look into a a 18-105mm lens a very good lens yes the 18-200 vr is up there and

even if you find one used, the price will be high. for a wide angle lens look into a tokina or a sigma i have a tokina 12-24 lens i did not want to get to wide , than subject perspective get a bit out there i will say , and you hardly use it after awhile .

the nikon d80 which is 10 meg and d90 is 12meg will take great pictures and when it comes to enlarging prints you will be able to go 24x 36 in and good sharpness ,color

etc. i would go for the little extra a nikon d90 body and18-200vr or a d90 -18-105

lens ,if price too steep go for a d80 -18mm-200vr or 18mm-105 or evan a 18mm-135

lens . you can always look into refurbes bodys and lenses they also come with a warranty . yes i use the rule of thirds horizontally and vertically to compose my shots
it works well for me. well hope i helped you . gr

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