Sigma's next camera will be ???

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Interesting world?

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

jrdigitalart wrote:

You want the future? Well. I asked my favourite fortune teller (on your behalf) and she declared that her crystal ball told her to stick to intelligent questions. : )

But, if the next top pro models from CanIk are anything to go by, the MP race has been abandoned and the D4 will be 16.2MP whilst the 1D5 will be 18MP.

Where does that leave Sigma with its 46MP flagship, mmm? Does this mean that their marketing "brains trust" can now safely jack the price up even higher since their baby has more than double MP?

Who cares about that? It means Sigma could have DP cameras that plain out-shoot the top end Canon and Nikon models.

Now that is a very interesting world.

Not as interesting as this one ...

The one where, IMNSHO, Sigma thought their SD1 was worth almost 10 grand. Now there's a mighty big case of self denial, what with one user even claiming it's a "part time" camera, not suitable for his commercial needs.

You, Kendall, even reveal (higher up in this thread) that the SD1 appears to be a victim of a pricing failure.

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