Epson R3000 CD/DVD Printing Experiences

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Re: Epson R3000 CD/DVD Printing Experiences

Well, it isn't bad if all you want to do is import one large bitmap for the whole design, align it on the cd outline, and print. But to do anything requiring more than one photo (such as a complex graphic design, or even just something composed of a grid of 4 photos) you really have to use something like Photoshop (or Illustrator and save off a rasterized copy of the design) then import that into Easy CD just to print it. All I did was try to use four photos, a black box with a white outline, and some text over the box. Even something that simple in Easy CD was quite troublesome, especially with some apparent bugs in the "align to grid" feature and the inability to select multiple objects so you can move them all at one time. (It's been a LONG time since I saw any sort of drawing-like program where you couldn't select multiple objects.)

Basically, Easy CD is fine for printing only. Do anything beyond importing one image into it to print and it's more like Difficult CD or Annoying CD. As a design application it's horrible. I'm using the mac version though so I can't say for sure if the Windows version is better.

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