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Re: worthless idea

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

If you are a working pro then you should be busy enough - or spend your time marketing to get busy, not working for free.

See, as a working pro you should have discovered that those that appreciate photography will pay for it - those that place no value on it won't spend their money on it- so you get no respect because they place no value on your, your skills and product. You will be treated like the guy that sweeps the floor and takes out the trash.

OK, so who has weddings on sun-thurs and doesn't value photography? Crap weddings. Sorry, but it is so. Poor folks, sure - but what are they doing for weddings? Great venues? Great flowers? Limo? High end anything? No, of course not.

And if they don't value what you do they won't cooperate. Trust me on this - been there done that then I learned what I stated above - if they're not willing to pay they just don't value it- or you.

So this type of thing is a total waste and losing proposition for the photog.

What you say, marketing and wom value? Yeah right...the bride places no value on photography so she's not gonna be braggin' all over town about you. Not gonna happen. And if she does mention your name the word 'free' will be attached. So you'll get all her white trash friends calling wanting the same freebie deal. Just what you don't want.

hmm . OK

why this animosity? I mean what do you care of the guy posting that ad?

are you sure that you don't post on CL?

what you said makes some sense, but then what really counts is the money and the opportunities, but mostly the money. correct?

in any case you don't have to worry about any of that if you don't post cheap services on CL, no?
because you don't, right?

remember what I said about the photographer who got robbed after posting ads on craigslist? He was with some major Agency or a staffer I don't remember now, and yet he posted on Craigslist. So don't believe whatever you read , reality may be a lot different. and who screams louder may be the one doing the opposite (of what he's screaming about).

it's in the nature of things and certain humans.

I say let that photographer do his thing, without envy of too much disgusted (fake) reactions.

it's like the "I don't do TFCD!" and then they all are in MM asking girls to do TFCD


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