E-PL3 with Panny X 14-42 lens

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Re: E-PL3 with Panny X 14-42 lens

Rich K wrote:

Anybody using this combo? I've used the E-PL1 for a year and a half and I'm really happy with it. Now my wife, who has been using a Canon p&s, is jealous of the photo quality and wants to step up a notch. She wants small format, not too many camera options and a flip LCD for taking street photos. I first thought of the GF3 with the X lens, but no flip LCD. EPL3 with the X lens looks like a good (but expensive) alternative. I'm especially curious about the stabilization protocol - X lens has no switch to turn it off so I'm guessing it's always on with the Oly body.

Your thoughts?

OIS is always OFF on the Pens when the Panny lens does not have the OIS switch.

The Olympus kit lens is really quite nice, and stills makes a pretty small package on the E-PL3.

I bought the GF-3 with the x pancake zoom and returned it. The Oly kit lens had better IQ at the long end (35mm and up).

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