Questions NX200 vs Nex-5n

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Questions NX200 vs Nex-5n

Comparing re-processed files from my studio test between NX200 and Nex-5n I found couple of interesting issues.

1. NX200 seems to gather less light according to the histogram as well as subjective review of the images by +, - one stop.

2. NX200 in general produce images with less contrast and saturation, but this can be corrected in post production. What matters more is that in NX200 files there is visible very random appearance of more pronounced white dots. (Hopefully visible here in the brunette figurine's hair).This wasn't caused by down-sampling they are also visible in the original files. They doesn't look like noise characteristic, rather like RAW development artifacts. I don't remember if they were present when using Samsung RAW converter. Could it be ACR 6.6?

3. Due to very slight focus differences, my results comparing ISO are very hard to quantify.

At the following sample image, notice the level of detail preserved in the focus areas within color circles. Samsung preserve more detail in the foreground where it focus seems to be, while Sony is better on the blond figurine. I took at least 3 shots using AF and selected area as well as MF at 8x magnification. I tried to focus on the left eye of the blond figurine and while I succeed to do so with a Sony, it seems that I constantly back-focus with Samsung.

This means that either I have some serious problem with OLED display, or I just had bad luck with over 1000 shots. (usually MF shots are more accurate).

It also means that achieving 100% identical focus on two different cameras, while preserving same composition is very hard. Not to speak about slight differences in DOF caused by different lenses, or other issues. Therefore, many of the comparisons on the web, especially non scientific ones as mine, should not be taken too seriously. If this is also the case with some pro testers, I will leave on your experience. But it certainly affect noise judgment.

IMHO, one thing is level and "look" of noise, that might be somehow corrected during in camera RAW recording, but more important is level of preserved details.

Any comments are appreciated, but I am most curious about your opinions regarding the exposure.

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