Sigma's next camera will be ???

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Re: One thing is for sure:

Thanx for taking the time to explain. Its appreciated.

The gallery is the DPReview common gallery - just check at my DPReview pages and you find it. As I said - its not much.

I have a slightly different view than you. I think its possible to design an audio amplifier with sound techniques. You can then measure it using measuring equipment. Its possible to do it that way IMHO.

Its also so that its possible to produce good sound without playing the actual instruments. Its very possible to take music played by others and make a very good recording or very good sound at a concert. You dont have to be musician to be a good sound technician or good amplifier designer.

That said - i think there are more than one way to accomplish a good result.

When younger, I was also interested in amplifier design and also speaker design. I never designed my own amplifier, but I built some and I read about the design principles. But - I did design some few speakers. Apart from ordinary bass reflex designs I designed some horn speakers, and made them. Did they sound well? Lets say that they in some respects sounded better than speakers you could buy for reasonable amount of money in the 1980ies.


Bernd Roethig wrote:

Hello Roland,

My true respect that you have written (developed) a Software that can handle foveon files! That´s great!

Sorry , didn´t find the link to your gallery, only your Zenitar pictures and those pictures regarding lens correction.

I´m not a software developer, i "only" developed High-End Amplifiers and this i can proof, because i made it to the front page of 2 HiFi-Magazines, one in Germany the other in Switzerland. The competitors i was ranked equal, after they had been ranked before, have been Marc Levinson + Roland Research.

The main difference in my style of developing has been, that i did not depend on other people recordings (CD or Analogue LP), or how other High-End amplifiers sounded.

My benchmark has allways been visiting live concerts, mostly jazz and classic..
Try to get as close to the live result as possible.

You can´t develope amplifiers without knowing what live-music sounds like, you have to make decisions which parts you use. Top records are helpful for those decisions at your labratory.

In the end what counts is the result you can hear, regardless of tubes or transistors used, or class A or A-B.

Therefore i really have problems with your workflow.

Relying on pictures or X3f-files made by other people only, is not correct.

I´ve seen so much technical bad executed pictures made by SIGMA-users, that it is hard work to get a useful picture out of their X3f files.

As you told me in your reply, you don´t need a SIGMA camera for your conclusions, that´s not scientific! That´s like judging Sport-Cars by reading a magazine.

Funny that most of the tech-talk guys, when critizising pictures, deliver none, or if they have a picture account better stamp-size pictures. When you ask them about showing full-size pictures you get lame excuses and explanations. The same people are extremly critical at other big size pictures.

Please give the link to your gallery. couldn´t find it.

Best regards to Sweden


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(Sleeping - so the need to support it is even higher)

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