Softbox VS Umbrella

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Re: Softbox VS Umbrella

BAK wrote:

a medium to largish (40-50 inches across the front) white umbrella with a black backing is your best bet, assuming you can make the flash go off.


also about the size (45inch are cheap nowadays) and they diffuse well. Also to keep into consideration is the fact that a softbox is a pain to setup, a pain to carry. It does diffuse but if you reverse the umbrella (shooting through) the effect will be almost as good as a big softbox (almost, not the same but almost).

I'd consider a 45inch white umbrella, with the detachable black cover) , and a light (I mean flash) meter. even more important than the quality of the diffusers in my opinion.

now if you are going to shoot outdoors then an umbrella will fly with just a little wind, not like a softbox will stay put, but it will fly less

one more advantage of the umbrella is that if you open it just a little then you have a nice hairlight, pretty directional, nice indeed and easy.

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