Olympus EPL2 - Good bargain refurbished?

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Olympus EPL2 - Good bargain refurbished?


I have a D700. Like many others, I'm looking for a portable 2nd camera that does not break my back and allows me to take decent pictures without drawing attention.

It seems micro-four thirds may be the best compromise and most complete system, out of various choices.

  • Out of the below options, I'd appreciate your thoughts on how an EPL2 compares.

1) S95 or S100 or LX5 Class
2) GF3
3) GX1, EP3 or EPL3

B&H seems to be offering decent pricing on EPL2's refurbished. It seems to be a screaming deal and cheaper than an S100.

  • Other than focus speed, are there any huge drawbacks to the EPL2?

  • The ideal inexpensive kit seems to be the Panasonic 14mm, 20mm and Olympus 45mm.


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