Why no lens profiles for Lightroom from Pany and Oly

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Incompletely corrected distortion

Bob Meyer wrote:

As far as not correcting all distortion, do you have any evidence to support that? I've not seen or heard this anywhere else.

This is shown by basically all technical m4/3 lens tests. There is always some degree of residual distortion from the correction—insignificant in most cases, but there are some lenses that still have noticeable distortion after correction at some of their focal lengths.

The most extreme example is the 14-140mm at 14mm:


Basically, it looks like Panasonic doesn't design their lenses and correction tables to completely eliminate distortion after software correction in every case; rather, they design them to distort less than competitor lenses. The 14-140mm's corrected distortion at 14mm is still much less than comparable SLR lenses; check the comparison with the Nikon 18-200mm in this page:


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