AW100 vs older UW cameras

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Re: AW100 vs older UW cameras - Image Quality

I am somewhat baffled by the comments about IQ on the AW100 camera not being up to par from what I read in some user posts here.

On the other hand, the comparometer at imaging-resource puts the AW100 near the top of what I compared with for still images (that use similar sensors, underwater or not). Unfortunately, they do not have images to compare for the latest Panasonic UW cam directly. But they do the previous and the 2 Sony models (TX5 and TX10). And we can see their samples against the Panasonic here at DPReview... IMO, the AW100 is better in terms of IQ than the Sony 5 and expecially 10, mainly because the Nikon has less destructive noise reduction. In my view the IQ of the Sony TX10 is a step backwards from that of the previous 10MP model, the TX5 (at least for stills, have not compared videos).

In fact, the IQ comparisons from imaging resource indicates to my eye that the AW100 stills quality seems to approach that of the non-waterproof Canon SX230 HS on some counts. It is not quite there, but is close (at least in the center of the frame), which is something to say, considering this particular Canon is regarded as one of the better cams with a small sensor out there (enough for me to have just bought it as a travel camera last week)...

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