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Simon Stanmore wrote:

Ron Kruger wrote:

There seems to be a fascination with very fast primes among enthusiasts for portrait shots, and although this is not what I do, I'm wondering if pros who specialize in portraits use very fast lenses?

Is there a market for shots with one ear in focus and the other out? Or with just the nose in focus? Seems to me f-2.8, proper lighting and background placement would be plenty fast, and in fact, too fast for some applications. Have customers ever heard of bokeh, or do you often get comments about the shot being "out of focus?"

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80%+ of my portraits use either a 100mm f/2 @ around f/2.8 or 50mm f/1.4 @ around f/2.

Yes there's a market but that's not why I choose to shoot this way. I shoot this way because I'm a photographer - a 'light writer' (anc.Greek) - not an illustrator.

The optical effects inherent to photography are great part of its visual appeal to me.
No one ever thinks anything is out of focus... Nothing is out of focus.

agreed, completely

then why this new wave of sales of cheap fast primes lately? I think that's because of the video, people like to experiment the bokeh with a cheap prime without spending too much on a real portrait lens.

the 100mm (canon) at 2.8 is just about perfect in that regards, for stills.

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