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Re: A few conclusions

I have Metz person checking this out in TO. But I did a few other tests.

This morning I set the camera to 3200, 1/60 & f4 in a reasonably dark room and put the Metz on Auto. Got the warning beep and when I took the shot it was overexposed. I then put it in manual and set it to the lowest output level - 1/246. Same over exposure as Auto. So basically the ISO was way too high for the lowest flash output level.

I put the 580 on ETTL and took the same shot and only a small area of it over exposed. I put the 580 on manual and set the output to 1/128. It overexposed. That proves what I had read about Canon's ETTL. In ETTL it will output higher or lower than 1/1 or 1/128 if it needs to.

I put the Metz back on and on ETTL. It overexposed so the Metz will not work outside of 1/1 and 1/248. FEC did not do much when it was outside the working range.

I then put the Metz back to Auto. Warning beeps at 3200. I tried to use Metz's FEC but it would not allow it. I tried through the camera menu and it changed on the screen on but the flash did not accept it. I set the ISO 800 and everything worked correctly.

So for exposure consistency Metz wins. It appears for adjusting on it's own outside the 1/1 to 1/128 boundary Canon wins.

I'll see what this person from Metz has to say.

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