Sigma's next camera will be ???

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Re: One thing is for sure:

SandyF wrote:
Usee wrote:

Btw. have You seen photographs from this guy, which are not taken with the SD1?

...what do You think - are those worse?

..... what "guy"? ... please provide a link?

I tried to refer to Eiji Murakami...
...where You provided the link:

...maybe "guy" is not that good as substitution for photographer?


Anyway, You should compare the photographs from both photographers,
when they did not use the SD1.


Here are some from the world tour photographer, before he used the SD1:


I think in both cases (Eiji Murakami and Mario Dirks) one can see, that the picture quality doesn't depend on the camera, if presented as little pictures.

I haven't studied them in detail, because they simply are to tiny (exept some from Mario taken with the SD1).
But to me, Mario made better pictures with other cameras...
...this may change during and after his world tour.

So, one could guess, that he needs more time (maybe experience) than he has,
to develop those SD1 pics (beside handling the camera).

He will get better for sure, but Sigma should have given him more informations and better software from the beginning.



...have You seen photographs from these photographers,
which are not taken with the SD1?

...what do You think - are those worse?

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