K-5 values are all blinking

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Re: K-5 values are all blinking

After a week I've found a kludgy but reasonable solution to this annoyance.

The problem is twofold:

1. The VF values blink when the meter is out of range, which is incredibly annoying when working in quiet low light recital situations where I need to concentrate on framing.

2. The top LCD values blink when trying to change settings, which makes it very difficult to focus on exactly what it is I am trying to change. If I'm in manual mode and have to adjust aperture and shutter speed, both those values are absent for half the time I'm looking at them.

This is a crappy interface, but I've found workarounds.

1. VF values blinking: Don't look at them.

Sounds simplistic, but it works. If I move the VF off-axis a bit I can block the whole display and not have to see the blinking so I can concentrate on composition without distraction. For low light work that's fine, I don't need the info, because the high ISO performance is good enough I can use TAv mode. I'm going to be wide open anyway, and I need a certain shutter speed to reasonably prevent blur, so this mode is perfect, and there's nothing I need to see.

2. LCD values blinking when trying to adjust parameters.

Raising the flash will stop the blinking, but unfortunately raises the shutter speed to 1/45, unless I choose slow-sync. So the workaround is to leave the camera in slow-sync, pop the flash when I need to adjust, and push it back down when I'm done.

Kludgy, but it'll probably work.

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