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Peter Nelson wrote:

You are very opinionated. Leica's are digital and get this...are you ready...Leica's are Rangefinder cameras. The only other maker of optical rangefinder cameras is Seko-Epson who still makes a digital camera with an optical rangefinder but it's a 1.6 crooped sensor and it's only avauilable in Japan for over $3,200.

I, like everyone, have opinions about cameras. And yes, it is my opinion that the M9 is not a pro's tool, but a rich amateur's toy. Just my opinion, so take it with a huge grain of salt. As far as optical rangefinders go, well, even Leica says they're on the way out. One look at the viewfinder on the NEX 7 (yes, I have seen it) will convince you of that. For many of us optical viewfinders are inaccurate and hard to focus. And some of us really need AF. Never happen on an M leica.

For those of us who actually prefere the optical rangefinder camera it makes sense for Leica to be making digital rangefinder cameras. Leica is credited with providing the worlds first 35mm camera systemand that was a rangefinder camera. Also Leica is known for the very best of lenses. They are not a huge Japanese comglomerate corporation, in fact they are a small company so yes Leica cameras have alway's been expensive.

Agreed, and Leica has a tremendous history in the world of photography. Leica M rangefinders used to be standard issue for a photo journalist, and some of the Ms have seen duty that would make other cameras fail. But times have changed, but Leica hasn't. And how can anyone explain the M8? How did that ever get released into production when it was incapable of capturing colors correctly? I'll never understand that one.

I have a very nice second hand Seiko-Epson R-D1 digital rangefinder that cost $3,200 when new. It is using an older SONY 1.5 crop sensor. The new Sony NEX 7 is also a 1.5 crop sensor. The price for the body alone is not all that much around $1,200. I would really rather have a FF digital sensor like the Leica M9 has and a true optical rangefinder. Then all my (9) Leica M and LTM lenses would be used at their intended FL.

BTW a new Leica M9 is $7,000 not almost $10,000.

Still overpriced. Did that include a lens? How much for a kit of a body and three lenses? Nothing special, just an M9 body, and three "not so high speed" lenses?

My Canon 1DsMkII cost me $8,000 new. I purchased a new left over Nikon D1H that was $4,000 to 4,500 when it came out. I also purchased a second hand Kodak SLR/n that was around $4,000 when it came out.

FF digital cameras a very nice and using one's lenses at the correct FL is a good experience. I also say cropped sensored cameras are nice too use as well especially for longer FL.

Well, your budget is a lot more flexible than mine! Anyway, I don't mean to rain on your parade. If you shoot with Leica cameras and enjoy it, there's nothing else that matters! Keep shooting, and enjoy the camera.

Leicas are jewelry. Photographically, there is nothing special, save for the glass. But that sensor can't fully take advantage of the glass, sadly.

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