How to afford an M9 purchase

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Re: How to afford an M9 purchase

Dear Peter,

This is the first time I ever write to you. Absolutely no intension to offend. Just would like to relate to you as a friend.

You have a gear syndrome. For this, you need a Leica M9. Or M10, 11, 12 ......onward. Just to stay in vanity with your apparent peers in this Leica forum.

For photography, you don't need any more than you already own. You already have gear 10 times more reliable & flexible than those owned by Bresson. In fact, you have too many.

Basically, you only need 1 camera & 1 lens. Then you could already make great photography. Add two more focal lengths if you insist. But that won't make you a better photographer.

I go thru your photostream. I don't think you need gear. You need more time to study masters' works & books, different contemporary photography styles & browse more creative websites other than limiting yourself to this Dpreview Leica forum, which at best is full of junk candies.

Just to name a few :

Your concept of photography & your vision of images are still at a very elementary amateur stage, in spite of the fact that you have been shooting all your life.

There are now many young people out there with very fresh ways to look at the world. Most of them use just 1 or 2 cheap cameras & very few lens. They are raw, experimental & fresh. A lot of fun :

Please spend 10 times more efforts to refine your post-processing skills. This would help you to realize your image vision - something you must brush up soonest to have one. Your works will be given new life.

With this nouvelle vision & the pp skills, a pinhole camera will give you as much joy as an M9. Every small thing around you can be a very interesting photo.

Now you only look at your gear; you don't see the world & its details.

Actually, you have not yet found a way to look at it.

If must, Ricoh M-mount & Sony Nex-7 will be good makeshifts.

If one day you wake up, sell everything & buy an X10, you still have every chance to be an excellent photographer.

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