Want more frames for Time Lapse with 7D

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Re: Want more frames for Time Lapse with 7D

star shooter wrote:

Ah yes, the frame counter to zero. The TL is of the southern night skies planned for next June. Each shot will be at 20 secs. long at 800 ISO taken every 20 secs. Each JPEG image is set at 4.5 Megs, so I think I will have heaps of space on the 32G card. Didn't thnk of the shutter usage though but then, its only 2160 frames in total. That's not very much, eh? OTOH, I suppose I could use the 40D or the 1DIV instead. Decisions, decisions...Whaddya reckon?

If you have an external power source (ACK-E6), use it. Otherwise I will recommend getting a BE-E7 handgrip and use two batteries. As the night time temperature drops, so does the effeciency of the Li-on batteries (or any batteries for that matter). Just be aware that a single battery may not last 2000+ shots in colder temperature.

As for the shutter being worn down with the amount of exposures you are going to make, personally, I won't even give it a nano-second of thought. It is a camera and meant for taking pictures. If you haven't thought about the shutter count before, please don't. Just use your camera as it pleases you. Your train of thoughts should only be which cameras of yours (40D, 7D, 1DIV) will better suit this task. If you only have a single battery in each camera, then I will say the 1DIV will be a better choice.

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