NEX-5N vs. NEX-7

Started Dec 13, 2011 | Discussions thread
h00ligan Veteran Member • Posts: 3,102
So much iso misconception

The nex 7 is not a stop worse than the 5n, maybe half a stop, more like 1/3 of a stop.

That's, NOTHING.

It looks worse due to bigger files.

Print both and see what happens.

I don't get why people can say, oh I don't need the extra res because I don't print big, and then bang on about a very small difference in high ISO performance

I don't mean this at just you, I have just read over and over and over and over about how one simply cannot buy the nex7 due to lackluster iso...etc etc

Well, it's much better than many cameras people are using to print big.

You'd never know in a 1024 posting...

So what does it matter? Not much.

Sorry to vent, I think people are getting to caught up in measurebating..I am a recovering measurebator too.

Want to see how they do, print!

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