overpriced short telephoto primes

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Re: overpriced short telephoto primes

Genes Pentax wrote:

The limited lens are not cheap. Not sure if I would agree with the "way overpriced" characterization. But the limited lens are definitely great. It seems Pentax lenses are slower than equivalent Nikon and Canon lenses, but the build quality is just fantastic.

But compared to Nikon and Canon lenses, Pentax limited are also smaller. I can't comment on the image quality in comparison to Nikon and Canon 1.8s, but I am very happy with the quality images from 77mm.

As for the Tamron 28-75mm, it's a nice zoom lens (and I recommend it to others also). I use it when I need to use zoom lens, but I do prefer (compared to the Tamron zoom) using the limited lens whenever I can.

DA 15mm? I love the thing also. I use it more than my DA 14, which is a faster lens.

To Genes, and others who posted, thanks for your comments! If money were no object, I would probably own a lot more lenses, and I already own more lenses than seems practical! I guess photography can be an expensive hobby.

I didn't mean to start such a long post, when I made this somewhat offhand comment over a week ago, and I purposely haven't been involved in this thread since then. If I were to repost this, I would have toned down my original assertion. It seems that these two Pentax lenses (DA70, FA77) are also unique in the industry, in terms of the combination of their compactness and image quality.

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