Detachable grip could be KEY to a Pro PEN body

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Detachable grip could be KEY to a Pro PEN body

The recent announcement of the WEATHERSEALED (though pretty slow in aperture) Micro-(µ)FT 12-50mm lens makes many people hopeful for the advent of a Pro-oriented PEN (µFT) body:
(my post, but many more in that same thread say roughly the same)

I have previously stated what my main criteria would be for a Pro PEN body - they are always the same:

  • weathersealed;

  • an EVF (not as a separate accessory, but integrated in the body, that can rival a big bright OVF in all respects and surpass it in a few);

  • fully compatible with current Zuiko FT lenses and that does mean a few things: (a)good size and ergonomics to balance those bigger lenses; (2) sufficient power to move the elements (will require other battery than small pen battery); (3) and of course excellent fast AF (CDAF or PDAF) without need for hardware changes in the lenses. The adapter should ideally be included or integrated (but "integrated" would make it impossible to use µFT lenses so that is unlikely; however, the combination body/adapter should feel and behave as a solid (weathersealed!) unit.

Before I will consider switching from E-5 (and E-system in general) to a system that combines Zuiko FT-lenses with a µFT body, I believe that the above criteria should be met. And because I believe I am not the only one in this position, I have all hopes that Olympus is taking this into account (assuming they get past the economic/financial turmoil...).

And now it has occurred to me that a high-quality detachable grip could be a large part of the solution in integrating FT with µFT into "one beautiful system".

  • A detachable grip would allow the Pro PEN to still be pretty slim and small, for those case where you want the camera to be small (with µFT lenses or primes).

  • But when you want to mount (large) FT lenses, the grip could be added to increase the weight and bulk of the Pro PEN body, for better balance.

  • And a detachable grip could also be the solution to the dual battery dilemma and the need for much power to move the glass elements in large lenses : the battery compartment in the Pro PEN body itself could be as slim as the one in other µFT bodies and use that same (smaller and less powerful) battery; BUT the grip could be designed to take two BLM5s (or even old BLM1s), while having a contacts section that fits into the smaller battery compartment of the body.

  • Heck, maybe they can even design that grip to include a second memory card slot or other stuff that a Pro body could use.

I for one would welcome the opportunity to continue using all my FT-batteries.

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