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Re: NEX-7 FW Update Article

GodSpeaks wrote:

akcorcoran wrote:

Well, I'm glad I asked! I was just reading the specs that said AVCHD and not both (as it says for the 7). Thanks!

Yes, but at a drastically reduced bit rate

• 1080 60i/p up to 28mbps (50i/p in Europe)
• 1080 24i/p up to 24mbps (25i/p in Europe)
• 1440 x 1080 29.97fps 12mbps
• 640 x 480 29.97fps

...not to mention using the HDV 1440x1080 format, which has a reduced horizantal resolution. So not really a prime contender, especially if you are after quality video.

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  • Rayna Butler

Argh... well, now I'm really glad I asked. My issue is that I'm a big Eye Fi user and it can't process AVCHD files. It can transfer them (I think), but it can't read them so you get none of the benefits of video over Eye Fi. Hmmmm...

Is the mp4 video quality also reduced for the NEX 7?

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