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Re: First review

My first few hours with the Metz flash.

The 5D2 data transfer works perfectly. All functions like ISO, Aperture, Auto Zoom are working perfectly. FEC can be adjusted via the camera when in this screen or going through the Menus – External Speedlight control – for both ETTL and Auto Modes.

My first major possible disappointment. Auto mode (thyristor) does not seem to like high ISO. I like to shoot high ISO in dark venues 1600, 3400 and 6400 IS0 to bring as much ambient light in to balance it with the flash. However at lower ISO 1600 and down Auto produces excellent consistent exposures as advertised. So if you are a low ISO shooter it will not disappoint. Even bouncing I did not have to adjust FEC. The whites where very close to the right wall every time. 1600 ISO is borderline.

The only thing I can attribute to this is that ETTL (in general – not flash specific) identifies the subject while Auto meters everything in the frame. It will allow to FEC all the way + but is inhibiting me for when I want to – the FEC. I keep getting the warning beeps. What I find at high ISO it overexposes a tad and I can’t minus it. Again at lower speeds the exposure is exceptional. I disabled the warning beep but it still did the same thing. I will call Metz support tomorrow so I’m still undecided.

I was thinking that it was not going to work for me because I really purchased it for the Auto feature. But! My tests using ETTL absolutely surprised me. Sorry but at point I don’t think Canon holds a candle this flash at this point. Far more accurate in ETTL both low and high ISO. The vignetting can be corrected with the zoom parameters.

All IS0 3200. No FEC or anything on either flashes or changes to camera settings - just a strait swap. All direct flash.

Metz on ETTL

Metz on Auto. A little hot. Perfect when I lower the ISO

Canon 580

Metz on ETTL

Metz on Auto. A little hot. Perfect when I lower the ISO

Canon 580

Bouncing appears to be very consistent on Auto with little need for FEC and a bit of a mixed bag on ETTL but closer that Canon. I’m not done with this yet and this gets tiring after a while. More to come.

The flash will go + - 3 EV while the 5D2 will go only 2. If you use the flash you have to out it back to 0 to use the camera as it gets confused.

No numbered Custom Functions where without the manual you can’t tell what they do. The Metz spells everything out.

I don’t like the lock the foot locking mechanism as well as my 580II but it is better than the 580.

I really like the beep that tells you when you get a good exposure.

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