G3 with 3rd party battery?

Started Oct 25, 2011 | Discussions thread
McDark New Member • Posts: 1
Voltage difference can cause problems?

I've seen people complaining what with some kinds of 3rd party batteries G3 is showing remaining charge incorrectly so it shuts off abruptly when 1 bar still lit.

My guess is the following. There are generally two different kinds of BLD-10 compatible batteries (regardless of manufacturer and capacity) - 7.4V and 7.2V. So far I only seen FULLY positive comments on 7.2V kind (wasabi, hanken, some others). Genuine ones are also 7.2V. I beleive 7.4V wouldn't do any harm to the camera (it even shows 8.4V supply on bottom), but...

Its known that discharge voltage curve on Li-Ion batteries is dropping rapidly in the end of charge, so its easy to explain why 7.4V batteries can show such behaviour - camera sees voltage is high enough but in the end battery cannot provide sufficient current, voltage is lowering quickly and the camera just shuts off at once. But we need some statistics to confirm this.


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