SONY you need better and/or smaller glasses for NEX system

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Re: SONY you need better and/or smaller glasses for NEX system

Stailick wrote:

Yep. NEX is a break through; this system is what differentiates Sony from other competitors.

No matter how good you make your APSC sized SLT SLR, it delivers just about the same value as a Canon 7D or Nikon D300s would deliver. And the current lineup of Sony A-mount lenses is no match to the vast lens selection available to Nikon and Canon users.

On the hand, as how the NEX system currently stands in the market, it is unmatched by its competitors. You may have a traditional SLR with great glasses, but the combo is so huge that even a true professional, deep inside her heart, does not want to carry it all day long.Even with it, the quality you get is barely better than from the 5N/7. You may have a great point and shoot, but it will be another few decades before it can even be put on the same table with NEX. You may have a mFT with solid lenses, but the low light performance beyond ISO1600 is just not on par with what NEX can do.

NEX is what gives Sony the competitive advantage. So spend more of your engineering time on it. Releasing the E-mount specs is great, but do develop quickly your own lineup of E-mount lenses. Look at the first E-mount lens developed by Tammy...great news, but just looking at the focal range, the aperture, the price and the expected performance, it feels like a rebadged Sony 18-200mm that adds no value from a customer's perspective.

So all in all, do your research Sony!

Senaca wrote:

I think the OP has a point. It would make the whole NEX system much more appealing to many considering the switch.

I'm perfectly happy still with my 5N and kit lens, but would love to see some nice NEX lenses to add to the set. If I were to get the much more expensive 7, I'd probably want a little more of an established native lens lineup. There is certainly enough demand for them to warrant production.

There's thread after thread after thread talking about this. Did you really feel the need to here yourself talk?

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