NEX-5N vs. NEX-7

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Re: NEX-5N vs. NEX-7

xxbluejay21 wrote:


Like the guy above me and the guys in the other post u made said, that unfortunately won't work. the best thing is to convince Sony to add better AF in their next line of NEX cameras. Like on the PEN E series, AF on the 1/2 sucked and then people complained so Olympus focused the 3 on focus, making it the fastest contrast AF system ever. Idk how phase AF works, but Nikon added it to their 1 cameras so maybe Sony can do it too? But I'd be totally fine with a faster CDAF.

Also, I don't understand people that complain about the resolution. There's hardly any more noise than the 5N, especially if you downsample. And some people need that extra resolution for prints. It allows for flexibility.

This is a response to the other guy as well, and yeah, I kind of see your point. You never though, Sony managed to fit so much stuff into the 7, they might be able to figure out some other form of a phase AF adapter!

I agree whole-heartily about the noise "problem" with the 7. Even looking at 100% pictures, the difference is just so small. Even smaller when you either downsample the 7, or upsample the 5n.

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