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Re: NEX-7 vs others

And not everything DXO scores can explain. As you wade thru RG galleries, you see that magic creamy look that something I also see a bit in 5D1 (but 1D3 despite a smaller 1.3x sensor showing this milky smoothness more obviously as 'sparkling elk' said he prefer 1D4 files over 5D2) but I don't see in general in 60D or D7000 photos. Something is tricky that you only can see thru your eyes but hard to explain thru a theory or formula One thing we know is that Canon and Nikon are very careful on their top models and treat IQ as whole a top priority. So you see (and I heard many times from someone) old models like 1Ds II and 1Ds III despite having more noises in high ISOs than newer enthusiast model 5D2, are actually better in IQ at per-pixel level in low ISOs, no banding issue but with that creamy look. You would believe it once you try and see thru your own eyes

qianp2k wrote:

No mention as debated in several posts earlier that I am afraid extreme high pixel density might introduce other side effects that affects IQ as a while. Obviously IQ as a whole is more than pixel counts and extra two-stop shadow noise alone, and let's not forget color rendition, skin tonality, natural sharpness at per-pixel level, grain and noise at per-pixel level...We have read some reports that although high pixel density gives more resolution but it does sacrifice something like color rendition. I did hear some portrait photog said that "creamy" look missing a bit in higher pixel density 5D2 and 1D4 from their respective earlier models (partially could also contribute to more aggressive Digic processor)

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Agree in general. Yes 24mp certainly resolve more than 16mp. But 16mp is more than enough if I don't print more than 13x19 and I usually I print less size. Just like you watch a HDTV, at 46", current 1080p is enough. Eventually technology can breakthrough to double said 2160p but I am not sure if your eyes can resolve much more We live in a limited space world so how big is big enough? Downsampling only closing the gap but not completely eliminate it. Downsamping 21mp 5D2 or 24mp D3X to 12mp size and D3s still better in high ISOs. No mention the pains to process and store over-sized raw/jpeg files.

So understand 36mp 5D3 is better for group #2 people but 18mp one is better for group #1. So individuals need to toss up what's your priority and weighted overall pros vs cons to select a model and hope there are choices. As I said I hope Canon announces another two FF models, one is 36mp 5D3 and another is 18mp cheaper 6D in addition to already announced 1DX for Pros.

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I believe the point of the 24mp sensor is that if you shoot at low ISO you will have more detail that the 16mp sensor. If you shoot at high ISO you can downsample to have very similar noise characteristics as the 16mp sensor. The best of both worlds except for the additional processing.

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