JPEG shooters only?

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Re: JPEG shooters only?

I shoot RAW and JPG, but I use the JPG if it's unimportant and someone wanted a copy of something... and more so to use as my referencing/selecting files before I decide what to process. If I'm running low on card space and it's too inconvenient to swap... I just turn off the JPG setting altogether.

JPGs are really just my cataloging versions of an image.

As for the comment below... I can't imagine not shooting RAW just for the flexibility itself. Why be stuck with any in-camera processing when it would be so easy to take the same photo and apply something different. With JPG you're stuck with whatever you chose to do out in the field... or "forgot" to do.

I'm with Eno... they matter... way too much to settle for what the camera can do.

SNGX1327 wrote:

i shoot only jpg. ONLY jpg. i don't care if it's a once in a lifetime opportunity the most gorgeous sunset in the background with the alien's spacecraft setting down to make contact with the human kind's welcoming party and in the background albert pujols is hitting a homerun in a cardinals uniform, plus some naked girls. i'm still shooting jpg.

i have yet to see results out of a RAW file that i perceive as "better" than .jpg to a point where it's worth the effort and resources to profess RAW files. an original "raw" .jpg file out of the camera of course i'll keep saved away somewhere, and i'll make edits to that file.

but RAW? hmmm nah, not for me.

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