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Re: Silkypix makes the difference

Yes, that Silkypix pic is just RAW without man-made additional processing (it might be possible that Silkypix automatically treats X10 files in a certain way, but that is what's happening in Canon software also - it treats RAW files from S95 and S100 differently, for example).

The thing is, Adobe is a third-party developer, and they might have not found the best way to process Fuji RAF files in the best possible way yet.

Certainly this comment seems plausible for me:

photofan1986 wrote:

It's certainly due to the EXR sensor array. Adobe probably didn't use a special demosaicing software for those cameras, and it shows. Only Fuji knows what should be done to the raw data from this sensor.
The Jpegs out of the camera are about as good as you can get.

There are some threads in this forum that discuss the results from ACR processing :

YiannisPP wrote:

You mean the Silkypix pic is just RAW without any processing? Find that hard to believe somehow.

So ACR just makes up some noise in the conversion? Might be, I'm not saying, but I'm surprised...

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